3ioNetra's Devotee & Volunteer App: A Revolution in Temple & Trust Communications

3ioNetra's Devotee & Volunteer App: A Revolution in Temple & Trust Communications

Manage Volunteers and Devotees Easily with our Mobile App solutions even from miles away.

  • Easy access to Seva bookings
  • Live-Darshan
  • Temple updates
  • Internal Messenger
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How will the temple benefit from the app?

Improved Devotee and Voluteer participation

Empower devotees and volunteers to engage and contribute more effectively through live darshans.

Real-time tracking of active Voluteers

Track in real time the number of volunteers available in the premises during a live event.

Improved Collection through remote access

Manage collections by enabling Volunteers to create E-Bills through app

Real-time tracking of Collection and bookings

The integration of the app with TMS software enables control and real-time tracking of the collection

Direct personal connect with the Devotee

Send official communication to the devotees and volunteers through the messenger in the app

3ioNetra Temple Management Ecosystem

Devotee Journey and Communication Workflows

The unique proposition of 3ionetra allows the Mobile apps to be integrated with the Temple Management Software to Track and Analyse accounting reports

Temple Management Platform - Devotee Journey and Communication Workflows by 3ioNetra

Core Features

Ready to Deploy Temple Mobile App

3ioNetra Temple Management Platform

Devotee App

Devotees can get regular updates about ongoing events and activities at the temple and perform offerings even from a distance

  • User-friendly Mobile App
  • Easy Signup & Login
  • Seva / Pooja Booking
  • Donation offerings
  • News & Updates
  • Donation Module
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Admin Panel for Managing App
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Custom Reports
3ioNetra Temple Management Platform

Volunteer App for Temple

Temple office or committee members can deploy, manage and control the volunteers, fulfill digital Seva bookings and perform transactions

  • User-friendly Mobile Interface
  • Easy Signup & Login
  • Devotees Seva Booking
  • Devotees Donation Booking
  • Multi Payment Modes
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • My Bookings
  • My Collection
  • Admin Panel for Managing App
  • Custom Reports

Our Key Focus

Ensuring data privacy and security
for your religious universe

Secured Hosting

Our products are hosted on Amazon Web Services. It is the most secure and widely used cloud services platform, offering to compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionalities

SSL Certificate

All our accounts come with an SSL certificate enabled by default. SSL encrypts your communication between web browsers and web servers and provides high privacy and security

Data Encryption

We use AES, which is one of the strongest and most robust methods to encrypt and decrypt your sensitive data. The stored data is secured in servers using the AES-256 protocol which prevents leakage

Regular data backups

All your data is backed up in real-time across multiple servers. In the event of hardware failure or natural disaster, your data stays secure and centralized for easy access


Customer data is spread over geographically diverse Data Centers (DC) such that data in one DC is replicated in another. This ensures that operations carry on smoothly with minimal or no loss of time

Data Privacy

Our products provide you with features like authorization, encryption of fields with personal information, audit trails and labelling of fields, that enhance the privacy of your data

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