FAQs - Accounting & Tally

Tally ledgers are first mapped with the TMS and on monthly/weekly basis Tally XML file can be generated from the software that can later be imported back into the Tally.

As of now, the TMS provides with a data entry system for all income & expense accounts. Under reports section, you can also find the P&L statement and few other basic reports. As far as Trial Balance and Books of accounts is concerned they will be generated with the data imported into Tally.

As far as the integration of the Temple’s Bank accounts with the TMS goes, we do not provide we do not provide direct integration of bank account with the software. However, all the bank accounts can be manually added onto the TMS that will map all income & expenses entries done in the software. These transactions entries will then be reproduced into a Virtual passbook on the software which the temple staff / committee members can use to consolidate with the Bank Account statement.
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