FAQs - Inventory

Our Inventory Management module is a digital caretaker for the temple's resources. It helps us keep track of everything - from sacred offerings and utensils to decorations - ensuring we are always prepared for rituals and events.

Certainly! Imagine easily knowing the quantity of sacred camphor available for daily Aarti, ensuring we never run out during crucial worship moments.

Think of Barcode/RFID Integration as a temple ID card for each item. This technology streamlines identification and tracking, making our inventory audits as smooth as a peaceful prayer.

Just like clockwork, Stock Replenishment automatically triggers reorder points. This ensures we never face shortages of essential items like diyas or flowers during our sacred rituals.

Picture this - neatly categorizing items like incense sticks, flowers, and decorative items. This not only makes searching a breeze but also ensures each category receives the attention it deserves.

Think of Expiry Management as a guardian for our prasad items. It ensures we use or dispose of perishable offerings like fruits before they lose their divine freshness, preventing any wastage.

Imagine having a trusted list of suppliers for our temple essentials. Supplier Management maintains this database, ensuring a smooth reordering process and nurturing strong vendor relationships.

Consider Usage Tracking as a diary recording when and how items are used. This not only tells us which items are popular but also aids in better planning for future events and rituals.

Let's say we generate a report showing the popularity of different prasad items. This insight helps us make informed decisions on what to stock more of, ensuring our devotees' preferences are met.

Think of the Mobile App/Web Portal as a remote control for our inventory. Temple staff can easily manage resources, track usage, and place orders from anywhere, ensuring a seamless workflow.

Imagine seamlessly managing items donated by devotees. The Inventory Management module is like a sacred vault, ensuring transparency and accountability for every item received as an offering.

Our security measures act as vigilant guards, ensuring the safety and sanctity of our temple's valuable inventory. From protecting sacred utensils to ensuring the availability of offerings, our temple resources are in trusted hands.

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