FAQs - Mobile App

The Devotee & Volunteer app is designed to be your spiritual companion, with a simple and visually appealing interface. Navigate effortlessly to discover the richness of our temple's offerings.

Joining our spiritual family is a breeze! Sign up using your email, phone, or even through social media. Embrace the divine journey with a few clicks.

Book your preferred sevas and pujas seamlessly through the Devotee & Volunteer app. The calendar view ensures you choose the perfect time to engage in the divine rituals.

Show your love and support by making monetary or material offerings. Choose from predefined options or customize your contribution, bringing your devotion to life.

Stay connected with real-time news, announcements, and vibrant images. Immerse yourself in the temple's activities even from a distance.

The dedicated module manages donations, displays your giving history, and generates transparent receipts. Know exactly how your contributions make a difference.

Receive push notifications for events, booking confirmations, and temple updates. Customize your preferences to stay in the loop without any disruptions.

Our administrators have a robust panel to manage content, bookings, and user interactions. Keep the Devotee & Volunteer app dynamic with updated event schedules and offerings.

Experience secure online transactions for donations and bookings. Choose from various payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers.

Dive into detailed reports on donations, bookings, and user engagement. Understand trends and devotee behavior through insightful analytics.

Immerse yourself in the divine energy with live streaming of temple rituals. Participate remotely and feel the spiritual vibrations wherever you are.

Connect with fellow devotees, share experiences, and discuss spiritual topics. Form groups based on interests and build a virtual spiritual family.

The app speaks your language! Customize your experience with language and regional options to make your spiritual journey more personal.

Find answers to common questions and get assistance through our comprehensive FAQ section and help center. Your spiritual journey is supported every step of the way.

Your information and transactions are sacred. We implement robust data encryption and security measures to protect devotees' privacy and ensure a secure experience.

Share your thoughts, rate your experience, and suggest improvements. Your feedback shapes the app, ensuring it becomes an even more integral part of your spiritual journey.

Seamless integration between the app and the temple's website ensures you receive consistent and up-to-date information. Stay connected with the heart of the temple, wherever you go.

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