FAQs - Room Booking

Our Room Booking module simplifies the process of reserving temple rooms. Users can easily check room availability, view details, and make bookings in real-time, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Absolutely! The Room Availability Calendar provides a real-time display of room availability for different dates, helping users plan their temple visits efficiently.

We understand the importance of details. The Room Details and Photos feature provides users with comprehensive information and images of each room, aiding them in making well-informed decisions.

Yes, users can choose the start and end times for their bookings, ensuring they only pay for the duration they need and maximizing the utility of temple facilities.

We believe in instant communication. Users receive booking confirmation via email or SMS, providing them with assurance and all the necessary details for their upcoming stay.

Of course! Our Customizable Bookings feature allows users to communicate special requests or preferences, ensuring their temple experience is personalized and comfortable.

Yes, we've integrated a secure online payment gateway for hassle-free and secure booking payments, enhancing the convenience for our devotees.

We care about our devotees' schedules. Automated Booking Reminders are sent to users, ensuring they are well-informed and prepared for their upcoming temple stay.

Certainly! The Booking History feature provides users with a record of their past bookings, allowing them to refer back to their temple visit experiences.

Our Advance Reservations feature allows users to plan ahead and reserve rooms for specific dates, ensuring they secure their accommodations for upcoming temple events.

Yes, to streamline the booking process, we've set Reservation Limits, ensuring fair and efficient access to temple rooms.

Absolutely! Users have the option to provide a deposit for advanced reservations, adding a layer of commitment and assurance to their booking.

We have a transparent Cancellation Policy communicated to users, enabling them to request cancellations with an automated refund process according to the policy.

Certainly! The Checkout Process includes a Damage Reporting feature, allowing users to report any issues or damages, ensuring a smooth and responsive resolution.

Our system automatically calculates applicable GST for booking charges, and we generate GST-compliant invoices, ensuring compliance with taxation regulations.

Yes, our Reports & Analysis feature allows the generation of comprehensive reports summarizing room bookings, cancellations, and revenue, aiding in informed decision-making.

The Occupancy Analysis feature provides valuable insights into room occupancy rates and identifies peak booking periods, helping the temple committee plan effectively.

Revenue Analysis is at your fingertips. Our system helps analyze revenue trends and identifies popular room choices, providing crucial data for strategic decision-making.

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