FAQs - Shashwat Seva

Yes. We understand that Shashwat Seva is performed periodically based the Tithi, Paksha, Masa, Nakshatra in the Panchang and hence can be integrated within 3ioNetra’s Temple Management software (TMS) & Temple Management and Resource Planning Software (TMRP). Temple administrators need to yearly provide an excel file with Tithi, Paksha, Masa, Nakshatra mapped to English date which would then reflect in the system for use.

Currently there is an option of adding only one Panchang at a time.

Yes. Temple should provide all the billing history in excel format and 3ioNetra team will assist temple to import the data in the software.

Yes. 3ioNetra’s Temple Management software (TMS) provides you with an option to set and save the letter templates/ formats as per your requirement which can be used to print the letters with personalised name and address of the devotee.

Yes, 3ioNetra’s Temple Management software is integrated with WhatsApp messenger and hence Shashwat Seva intimation/notification can be sent via WhatsApp.

In reports we have “Total Shashwat Seva” report. In that all Shashwat Seva where the additional amount has to be recovered will appear in red. There we have option to accept additional amount for shashwat seva.

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