3ioNetra Digital Solution for Temple & Trust

3ioNetra Digital Solution for Temple & Trust

Existing customers of 3ioNetra can add any of the following services to get the most out of the product. These add-ons are specifically designed to meet your operational and promotional needs.

  • Temple Marketing tools
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • SMS & Email Services
  • Domain and Hosting
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Whatsapp API Integration

Whatsapp Services

WhatsApp Business API integration can enhance the temple's reach, visibility, and engagement with devotees. It allows for improved communication with devotees, increased engagement, personalized messaging, automated messages, cost-effective communication, and the ability to receive donations. It also provides increased accessibility, improved customer service, and the ability to send event reminders, updates, and inspirational messages.


  1. Send automated transactional messages and E-reciepts on whatsapp
  2. Send event invites & reminders & improve attendance
  3. Receive feedback from devotees for improvement in temple activities
  4. Conduct surveys to gain insights from devotees, Volunteers & donors
  5. Changes we are planning to implement

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WhatsApp Business API integration for Hindu Temple & Trusts by 3ioNetra
3ioNetra Temple Management Platform

SMS & Email

SMS & Email Services

Introducing our SMS & Email Services tailored for sending Seva booking and donation confirmation notifications. Temples can streamline their transactional processes by effortlessly delivering receipts to devotees via SMS or Email, eliminating the need for paper records. This service not only enhances communication efficiency but also fosters deeper engagement with devotees. Moreover, it proves to be a time-saving and cost-effective solution, allowing temples to reach all devotees in bulk, thus minimizing the effort of individual outreach. With personalized communication capabilities, temples can connect with devotees on a more personal level, addressing their specific interests and needs directly.


  1. Seamless Transactional Receipt Delivery
  2. Enhanced Communication and Engagement
  3. Time and Cost Savings
  4. Personalized Interaction with Devotees

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Managed Service

Domain & Hosting Services

3ioNetra Enables temples to procure desired domain name and hosting services.Domain & Hosting Services can benefit Hindu temples by providing them with a unique online identity and a platform to showcase their activities and services.


  1. Create a website, host it securely, and manage it efficiently.
  2. Establish their online presence and reach a wider audience.
  3. Get Email hosting, data backup, and security features to protect their website from cyber threats.

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Domain & Hosting Services for Hindu Temple & Trusts by 3ioNetra
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